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Star Wars Wednesday - Rogue One Sources for the RPG

I'm finally getting through a load of Rogue One books and material, so as I went I thought I would note a few ideas about using the information for Star Wars role playing game sessions. I was largely waiting until I was able to see the movie multiple times before diving too much into the available background material, novel, etc. I wanted a chance to form my own ideas and opinions based on just the movie, as well as take advantage of multiple showings to really get a good look at everything going on in the background.

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Star Wars Wednesday - Catching Up

I think the past few weeks set some sort of record for me for busyness between work deadlines, freelance deadlines, conventions, and everything else. Things have eased up a little bit. I was catching up on various Star Wars novels and other releases, much like catching up here. I still have a decent stack for the holidays, and that doesn't include whatever's piled up at the comic book store. At least binge reading the comics makes a certain degree of sense, as I continue to get the single issues for the time being. I really ought to switch to trades for a few of the lines. So, continuing with the catching up theme...

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Star Wars Wednesday - Music Universes

Back from another KC Game Fair. I had a good time. I intend to post some of the adventure information and possibly the characters I used for The Sabacc Incident, but given that it is more of an outline than fleshed out, ready to run adventure, it will likely take awhile to get it better organized.

This week, the music of and in Star Wars has appeared in a couple of places. I've heard the music of the movies, Clone Wars and Shadows of the Empire over and over for years. As I've said before, for me, the original Star Wars soundtrack was a stand-in for the movie itself in the days before VCRs and video.

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