Star Wars Wednesday - Wired Week

Some business travel did in Star Wars Wednesday this week. Fortunately, Wired is there to take up the slack.

Wired magazine is featuring Star Wars this week with a ton of different articles and videos with interesting takes and perspectives. Subjects range from the new movies (of course) to difficulties in Imperial strategy and even more issues with the Kessel Run. Actually, several articles are interesting, but take shots at the movies and the Expanded Universe - some times directly, some times in a passive aggressive way.

Tabletop gaming gets a nice nod. X-wing Miniatures and Fantasy Flight Games are discussed in a video, and on the table top games page. WEG's version of the RPG also gets a mention. Interestingly, the Episode I Queen's Gambit board game is apparently a collector's item and worth way more than I thought. I own it and it's a good game. Disappointingly, there is no love for any of the Wizards of the Coast RPG or miniatures games.

So, peruse the list. The 74 (not 77?) things every great Star Wars movies needs list is pretty good - and keep an eye on who authors some of those notes.