Star Wars Wednesday-Mailbag-Obligation & XP

According to the forecast, the weather should turn extremely Hoth-like around here in the next 12-24 hours. So obviously, that means its time to answer a couple of reader questions about Edge of the Empire RPG Beta. The Obligation and related XP discussion from a few weeks ago prompted a few questions. One answer you can find in the comments section, the others I'll take on here. Remember, my answers are not official, and I don't intend to do this more than occasionally.

First, the shorter and easier question about spending XP:

OK so I can't seem to find where in the book it lists how much things cost post chargen. The only charts I can find list during chargen. Is it the same after?

You can find XP costs for advancing characters in the GM chapter on page 190 of the Beta book. This location will make more sense in the final book. Talent costs can be found on the individual talent tree pages. The cost for a talent on a given line is listed to the side of the boxes.

Next, a follow up from L.O.Brow on the earlier Edge on Obligation 2 post:

My understanding of the Obligation system is now improved, thanks :) Considering that the bit about receiving extra credits OR extra XP for taking on additional Obligation relied on one word in the rulebook - which I somehow glossed over - there's one more point that I think I could use your insight on:

In table 2-1 a result of 97-00 - which I assume is also available if the GM allows for selecting Obligation rather than rolling for it - states that the starting Obligation is split equally into two different origins. In table 2-2 the recommended starting Obligation per player with 3 PCs in the game is 15.

Going by the "split equally" ruling, Is it recommended that 15 Obligation be split into two Obligations of value 5 or of value 10?

Furthermore, if in this situation the player goes with two Obligations of 5, does that mean that his extra Obligation total is limited to 10 ("player characters can not gain more additional Obligation than their original starting value") despite the recommended starting Obligation of 15 shown in table 2-2 for 3 PCs?

Obligation isn't required to operate in increments of 5, aside from taking on new Obligation during character generation (which is 5 or 10 depending on the selected bonus). So, when dividing 15 points into two Obligations, I would assign 8 points to one and 7 to the other. A character taking on additional Obligation at character generation still has the maximum limit recommended on the chart (that is, an additional 15 points in our example here).

The GM also doesn't need to reduce or raise Obligation in 5 point increments during game play, but it's generally easier to do so. Altering the Obligation by less than 5 doesn't really change the odds all that much for Obligation activation. PCs probably shouldn't be allowed to gain benefits for taking on a single point of Obligation during play for this reason.