Star Wars Wednesday - Saving and Playing

This past week saw more details on the Clone Wars cancellation and rumors as to what might come next. I also ran across a few things I'd forgotten about online....

Sorry for those of you who got caught up in my twitter feed on Saturday talking about the Clone Wars. It was one of those days where information and things just kept appearing unexpectedly. For those who haven't seen it, there is a twitter campaign going on along with a larger "Save the Clone Wars" effort. As I understand it, the summary basically goes like this: After the cancellation of the Clone Wars, it was announced that there would be some sort of bonus or extra content to wrap up some of the remaining storylines. Then news spread that the animation studio itself was being broken up. Then it was reported that the lack of fan reaction to the cancellation was a surprise to the powers that be. The save the Clone Wars effort really kicked in after that.

My own view is that fan reaction was muted by the announcement that some sort of new content would be coming, and people were waiting to hear what that really meant before getting too worked up. Now that there are reports that the bonus content won't necessarily finish some of the expected story lines, people are becoming more vocal about it.

Personally, I want to see certain storylines properly wrapped up within the Clone Wars TV show. While it could always be handled through a comic book or novel, I'd rather see it in its original form (i.e., animated TV).

If you want more detailed, and likely more accurate, information, see the Save the Clone Wars website, among others. The official twitter tag is #savetheclonewars

So while we're talking about Clone Wars...I was cleaning some of my cluttered shelves and found a business card that took me a moment to figure out where I picked it up. Then I realized, it came from a guy I sat next to at the Celebration VI Clone Wars Premiere, who runs . I'd misplaced the card and a few other items shortly after I got back...well, more like "buried on my shelves." You can read my take on the evening here (where I refer to him as "a blogger" because I'd already misplaced the card), then go read the writeup on his website - he was even more surprised than I was with the turn of events. You'll note one of his pics is very similar to one of mine...which is on purpose, of course, because he was kind enough to take a few for me (I cropped one down for my blog post). Anyway, he has some good pictures of our row and the section we were in on the site. 

Also this week, Senior Editor Jennifer Heddle featured Edge of the Empire  as the main subject an Official Blog post, as she dives into RPGs for the first time, as part of her position at Lucasfilm. Go read it. Hopefully there will be more.

And for some random internet's a recording of the final run through the Death Star II in X-Wing Alliance...and here's an old Onion article on Star Wars Gamer Magazine I forgot about a long time ago...