Star Wars Wednesday - Musings, by others

Another busy time, so, Ready! Set! Go!.

This week saw the repercussions of the Clone Wars cancellation. According to reports, the team is being dismantled quickly, which means it will be interesting to see how they actually produce the ending episodes, etc., how and when. See here for some thoughts on the series from James Arnold Taylor (Obi-Wan), and here for an interview with him that reveals some interesting bits behind the scenes.

Fantasy Flight Games offers up a detailed look at Edge of the Empire character creation.

Star Wars D6 and D6 system fans should check out former WEG Star Wars Adventure Journal editor Peter Schwieghofer's post about the lack of a real D6 system core rulebook and his thoughts on the current offerings. He also talks about Kickstarter backed projects. is having their This is Madness bracket voting game, March Madness style. Tomorrow should include Hondo Ohnaka versus Cad Bane, which ought to produce the closest, and least predictable result so far. I'll probably vote Hondo Ohnaka because he gets some of the best lines in the Clone Wars. Speaking of March Madness, I need to speed through creating a bracket later tonight.

And finally, it was announced this week that I'll be a guest at this year's KantCon, in July, in Overland Park KS. (BTW, their webhost is having server issues). They have a few days left on their (already funded) Kickstarter.