Star Wars Wednesday - Beyond the Rim...and Beyond!

Great news! Last week, Fantasy Flight Games announced Beyond the Rim, an upcoming full length adventure for Edge of the Empire. As the author, I can tell you I had a great time writing this adventure.

Of course, I can't actually talk about any more detailes than what's been announced. Fortunately, FFG included a lot of interesting bits in the official announcement on their website. For those who don't have a moment to jump over, here's a bit of it.

When new rumors add credence to old smugglers’ tales of the long-lost Separatist treasure ship, the Sa Nalaor, it’s time for a handful of intrepid explorers, scrappy smugglers, and adventuresome academics to fire up their hyperdrive and embark upon a fantastic journey to the farthest regions of the Star Wars galaxy!

Beyond the Rim is a full-length adventure in three acts that carries players from the bustling, hub-and-spoke space station known as the Wheel all the way to the surface of a deadly jungle planet at the edge of Wild Space. In this epic tale of exploration, your characters will seek fame, fortune, and opportunities to repay old debts. You’ll dodge Imperials, explore distant worlds, run into rival parties, confront new adversaries, and uncover decades-old secrets from the Clone Wars. The ninety-six pages of Beyond the Rim contain enough material to make veterans out of new characters, or heroes out of veterans, and optional hooks for extended campaigns allow GMs to make further use of the book’s fleshed-out setting and NPCs.

Long time fans will recognize various locations and more. For new fans and causal players, it serves as an introduction to these places and their connection to the larger Star Wars universe. Previous knowledge isn't needed to play, as there is enough description and history to play through the adventure. I'll talk more about this as I'm able to do so. For now, go read the intro, and take a look at the fantastic art.

It has been fun to see the adventure announcement get picked up at various sites around the internet, including, ICv2, and ENworld.

If you can't wait to play or try the RPG, this weekend is Free RPG Day at your local friendly game store (hopefully they participate, hopefully they're local, and hopefully they're friendly). FFG has Shadows of a Black Sun on offer at the Free RPG Day, and you can check out the pregenerated characters here.

FFG also posted a new preview of the Edge of the Empire Core Rulebook - this time, it's a look at Force powers.

And finally, for those in the Kansas City area, I'm a guest at this year's KantCon on July 5-7. I'll be running some Star Wars events there, but didn't get them into the prereg book, and prereg closes later this week. Signup will likely be on site.