Dragon 424 - Desert of Desolation

My latest History Check article, Martek and the Desert of Desolation was released in Dragon 424 today on D&D Insider. Subscribers can find it here. Desert of Desolation was my favorite AD&D campaign. It was big, and combined three of the I-series adventures (Pharoah, Oasis of the White Palm, and the Lost Tomb of Martek) into one massive campaign with additional elements, hand outs and puzzles. For any of my old players subscribe and read, at a memorable scene or two makes an appearance...

One cool thing about writing this article is that for the first time in years (I think....) there is new art of to the campaign! It's a good scene from the adventure's lengthy backstory. I don't think it's been depicted before.

Anyway, dndclassics.com has the first adventure, Pharoah, available. Eventually, all of those adventures and the campaign itself should be added to the site (no timetable as to when, though).