Star Wars Wednesday - Beyond The Rim Interview

This week, Fantasy Flight Games posted another preview of Beyond the Rim, featuring an interview with me. It also gives a few more glimpses at the art, which looks great and gives an excellent feel to the adventure within...

And the art just scratches the surface of the locations and situations involved, so there is plenty more to see. I normally don't get to see the art ahead of time or prior to release on projects like this, so this is my first view as well. I've had projects in the past where I was asked to incorporate a scene into an adventure or article. It's fun, but that is fairly rare.

I was able to touch on different aspects of the adventure in the interview. One element I'll be interested in hearing is how much people tie the PCs' backgrounds, Obligation and Motivations into the story...or not. Like I said in the interview, the adventure doesn't rely on it, but there could be some interesting interplay between these ideas and the story if the GM and players want to go that direction. You can read the interview here. Here is the original announcement.

FFG also announced Enter the Unknown, the Explorer's sourcebook. I wasn't involved in this. It is, not surprisingly, focused on the Explorer career. You can read more here.