Star Wars Wednesday - A Twitter about Con Season

Well, it's July, and obviously the middle of convention season. For Star Wars news, San Diego ComicCon was a bit toned down this year. I gather they're saving announcements for this week's Celebration Europe. My twitter feed will be very interesting, I'm sure, as I hear news from official and unofficial sources over the next few days.

First, it appears all can rest easy, after Pablo Hidalgo revealed that he and Holocron Keeper Leland Chee were both aboard the same flight - possibly endangering a sizable portion of Star Wars continuity knowledge - it appears they have arrived safely:



For those looking for ComicCon Star Wars news, all of the typical fan sites and the offical blog/site have you covered. One of the more unexpected things was Adam Savage's Ackbar costume, and this behind the scenes photos of the build.

Celebration Europe is now on deck, and I look forward to this week's photos and announcements. Want to send questions to the panels? has set up a series of (you guessed it...) twitter hashtags you can use. Too bad there isn't one for Dave Filoni and Pablo Hidalgo's secrets of the Clone Wars panel... I hope they video that one, as it is always excellent and extremely "inside baseball."

After that, GenCon. Should be exciting, with the core rulebook out. Last year, the FFG announcements came via their Inflight Report seminar.

One last random thing: Desert sands threaten to bury Tatooine set.