Star Wars Wednesday - Gaming Accessories

I've been on something of a gaming accessories kick lately. Not exactly sure why, but I think it's due to a combination of various Kickstarters, new games being released, and the fun of improving the tactile experience in tabletop gaming. Most of them are just cool and/or fun to have around. 

On the Star Wars RPG side, Fantasy Flight has released their Adversary Cards for GMs. I saw them at GenCon and really liked them, but they sold out before I got through the store. The adversary lists in the books are helpful, but these are much more convenient, plus the GM can show the players pictures of the actual characters...or not if the GM is simply re-using the stats for a different character. Also, note that the logo simply says Star Wars Roleplaying. The dice now also carry this logo. It is basically showing up on products that aren't specific to any one of the three RPG game lines. The Specialization Decks still carry the Edge of the Empire or Age of Rebellion graphics. 

Also for the RPG, I bought a small plastic parts organizing case for the Beginning Game tokens. I tend to use the tokens when I'm demoing the game, and use my Star Wars Miniatures for home games or special events. I did forget that some of the tokens are larger than the others, so it isn't a perfect single-case solution. I presume there will be a Force and Destiny Beginner Game, so I left room for future tokens. Speaking of Force and Destiny, the latest Beta update is out. 

I'm working on better organizing and carrying my X-Wing Miniatures gear. I shelled out for a large space-themed battle mat after playing one too many games on a slick plastic folding table. My storage solution uses this Stanley-organizer box system similar to this one over at BGG. There are a lot of similar solutions out there, but this one seems to be relatively quick and utilizes the plastic packaging that the ships come in pretty well. Always nice to reuse something instead of just trashing the packaging...or recycling, when you can. I also like the way that it is possible to fit the big ships in some of the cases. Not 100 percent sure I'll do that just yet, but it's great to have the option. 

As it turns out, the space mat is needed even more, because the Death Star (or rather "Space Station") boards I made for the Trench Run event a few years ago were wiped out by a recent in-home freak water problem from the furnace room. 

For other games, it's been cards and bennies for Savage Worlds, Cypher Chest cards for Numenera, Dwarven Forge caverns, and new D&D minis. I even picked up some pop-up castle walls and thatched roof cottages!!!! (sorry, channeling Trogdor for a moment, probably because Homestarrunner is back online). Anyway, they're from Collapsible Construction and I found them at GenCon.

In other Star Wars gaming news, the Battle Pods were announced. Looking forward to to trying it out at the arcade. Loved the original X-Wing arcade game, sit down version from the 80s. Nice to see something with a unique experience.

I haven't forgotten about Rebels, but I think I'll wait a bit before sharing a few thoughts, since it just started up officially last week.