Star Wars Wednesday - Blue Milk

Exciting times around town. The Kansas City Royals are on a fantastic, incredible, and fun streak through the postseason....and as of tonight are American League Champions. Still getting used to that, it's been a long time (as those who watched any part of any of the playoff series would know because it seemed the broadcasters said it about every three minutes). Between that and some writing, I've fallen a bit behind on the Stars Wars front this week...but I have a couple of things.

First, in honor of tonight's fantastic victory, there's this Star Wars connection....



I've even fallen behind on Rebels, but since the Royals swept the ALCS*, that frees up some time for me to catch up. However, it turns out author, baseball blogger, and occasional game writer Jason Fry is the author of the upcoming book Star Wars Edge of the Galaxy, another Rebels book. As a sports fan, Jason included his own variation of Grav-ball, according to his post on

I missed out on Star Wars Reads Day (again) this year. I'd already committed to running Force and Destiny at the RPGKC's monthly game day - this time held out of town - when I realized the dates conflicted. Maybe next time.

Speaking of tv, Season 6 (the last, incomplete season) of The Clone Wars is coming on Blu-Ray, which is great. I'll reiterate that Yoda arc alone is reason enough for classic era only fans to pick up. For fans of The Clone Wars, it's worth noting again that the chronological episode order can be found at

And finally, Fantasy Flight Games posted the latest Force and Destiny Beta update. They also posted more info on Imperial Assault, in the form of expansion packs, with minis

....A late addition: There is a digital Humble Star Wars Comics Bundle available for a limited time.

....Also, The Last Parsec kickstarter is down to its final week. Join in, and backers at the right levels receive my adventure, Pranac Pursuit. That stretch goal was passed awhile back, so it's in.

*American League Championship Series. I know, quite a mouthful.