Star Wars Wednesday - Hockey and Holidays

It's that time of year again. With the holidays, why not add a little more Star Wars with a Star Wars night hosted by the local hockey team? Not in the area? There is plenty of holiday cheer to share...

So, happy holidays! Holiday lighting went to the insane side a few years ago, but people are still coming up with complex choreographed and music-synced sequences. I'm pretty sure I even saw a small starter kit at one of the big box hardware stores. Anyway, this one has been making the rounds, and is actually very good and worth watching: 


 The 501st noted the exact time of the video: 5:01. Someone is paying attention. Hopefully the neighbors don't live too close by, though.

So, more holiday stuff in a moment. There have been a couple of announcements: 

Some of the names of the new Force Awakens characters from the teaser trailer were brilliantly revealed via old-style Star Wars trading cards. I still have mine, along with a lot of others I inherited when friends gave up their collections in the post-Jedi, Star Wars-less years. 

More of The Clone Wars The Lost Missions info - this time a nice little video clip with Dave Filoni talking about the challenges of continuity, with a Sam Witwer, Pablo Hidalgo, and Leland Chee call-out. 

The Lost Missions Q&A: Sifo-Dyas and the Sith on Disney Video

Frank Oz will be returning as the voice of Yoda in Rebels. Spoiler warning, but here is the official link. I must say this move surprises me, story wise, but we'll see how it turns out. Tom Kane did a good job in The Clone Wars as the voice of Yoda, so it will be interesting to see how this compares. Kane had a nice comment on his facebook page. 

Returning to a couple of holiday items, here is a Star Wars books holiday gift guide. I'd add Kenobi and A New Dawn by John Jackson Miller. Also, Fantasy Flight Games announced that the massive board game Imperial Assault is now available in stores. 

This week also marks the second Star Wars Night at the Missouri Mavericks. I had a good time last year and plan to be there again, unless this cold-thing that set in yesterday turns into something worse. The local 501st and Rebel Legion groups are due to be in attendance, so I'll see what they're up to and take the opportunity to wear my much appreciated honorary membership badges. Tickets are still available, but it looks like it will be well attended again this year. 

It's hard to believe the next post will be Christmas Eve. We'll see if my schedule allows....but in any case, Happy Holidays!