Star Wars Wednesday - Acing the Holidays

Just in time for the holidays, Star Wars Age of Rebellion Stay on Target is officially in stores. So I'm told, anyway. I dropped by my local game store tonight to take a look, since my author's copy is still in transit. The bad news? They didn't have it. The good news? They said they haven't been able to keep it the other Star Wars RPG books on the shelves for very long. So, happy holidays, if you can find it...

If not, here's another preview...with great art, as usual. I'll follow up with more after I've received my copy.

Now I'm not trying to get anyone too depressed over the holidays, but Cracked posted a year-end special, in their own special form of wit. "Where Aren't They Now" features creative individuals who passed away this year, but who aren't known too far beyond their own fan base no matter the popularity of some of their works. Aaron Allston is included along with the artist who painted the classic AD&D covers, 1960's Batman writer, and more. It's actually worth a read. Aaron probably would have found the humor in his section. 

We saw The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies last weekend. It was enjoyable enough. Among the eternity of previews was the Star Wars The Force Awakens trailer, and the first time I've seen it in the theatre and in 3D. Just a reminder that the best way to watch any Star Wars movie or show is the big screen. It was just awesome when the theme kicked in with the Falcon bursting on screen. I was glad I saw it earlier, since it seemed to be over within a few very exciting moments. I think I'm looking forward to 3D starship combat. There was a bit in The Phantom Menace 3D, but this time around it will be accounting for 3D up front, so it will be interesting to see how it works out. The 3D version of the film logo is the best one I've seen. Haven't totally taken to the text splitting the Star and Wars.

So, the trailer has inspired all kinds of variations by fans. However, this one by Shanks FX recreates the Falcon sequence using stop motion animation. I actually (minimally) backed a Shanks FX kickstarter a couple of years ago because he was creating a stop-motion short film called Sci-Fly featuring all practical or in-camera special effects. He has since had a channel with PBS Digital Studios featuring different effects. It's cool. Check it out. The Falcon bit is below. 


And finally, I had a good time at the Missouri Mavericks Star Wars Night. The team crushed their opponents 6 to 2, so I'll throw it the obligatory "the Force must have been with them tonight" comment. New this year, the team wore great Star Wars jerseys during the game, and then auctioned them off afterwards for charity. I stuck around, but found out immediately that this was above my price range when they started at what I thought would be my maximum amount. About 200-300 people sat in the stands to bid. The lowest one I saw went for $400, the highest went for $1000, and we left well before it was over.

Those weren't the only Star Wars jerseys, though. There were at least four people (including me and a friend of mine) wearing the Rogue Squadron jersey from Geeky Jerseys, which is conveniently in one of the Mavericks' colors. I also spotted a Mercs  version (Boba Fett) and one of the Dr Who versions. I've been very happy with the quality of the jersey (especially the patches), so I recommend them. They only make certain jerseys at certain times, so check the site for details. There are a ton of variations and franchises. I mean, I'm sorely tempted to go after the Spaceballs The Hockey Jersey sometime....

The local 70th Explorers 501st unit and Dantooine Base Rebel Legion groups were in attendance. Good costumes all around as usual, with a spectacular Wookiee costume that rivals or beats some of the best I saw at the last Star Wars Celebration. I had some sort of issue when taking a group photo, so I didn't get one myself. 

Here are some highlights of the events and the game, and the jerseys: 

And a few photos: