Star Wars Wednesday - We're All Fine Here. How Are You?

Sooooo.....that was painful, but things are running more smoothly on the computer front. Me personally? Not so much, but I'm recovering too from this summertime cold thing that's been going on all week. So, I'll just sort of ease back into this Star Wars blog thing...

So first up, there is a new preview for Far Horizons, the Colonist book, up at the FFG site. Still can't talk about my part in it, but there are more details to be found there. 

Age of Rebellion Core Rulebook is out in stores. The official blog covered it awhile back. In case you missed it, FFG posted pdfs of the character sheets, etc. on their site.

Speaking of the official site, it got a make over recently, which looks good and is becoming more comprehensive again. 

The official blog also did a bit on The Clone Wars episode "A Sunny Day in the Void", which I mention only because it was one of my favorite episodes

It's been awhile, but one-time Star Wars Miniatures (and RPG) cartographer Christopher West has a brand new minis-friendly map and kickstarter to go along with it. As of this writing, it has almost reached its goal. It's good for most any sci-fi RPG. Chris has been busy doing other stuff more recently, such as maps for the weird and well received Numenera RPG. 

As for me, my most recent RPG announcement is that I'm one of the adventure writers for D&D's Tyranny of Dragons series for the new D&D Adventurers League organized play....organization.  More on all that here. This was my first project for the new Dungeons & Dragons edition, which I've been playtesting for years now, and like a lot. Play style, art, and they even give the Basic rules away as a free PDF. 

As for that computer issue....for those who are at least somewhat interested... 

Turns out the slow bootup time I've been complaining about on my computer was probably indicitive of the hard drive failing. Which it did. Or is. The computer was polite enough to warn me it was going...but not before it lost the ability to make an image of the drive. After that, a saga of trying to rebuild with a new drive when Dell didn't include original disks for the OS. The recovery disks I dutifully burned when I got it won't work if you install a smaller HD because it wants to make the same size partitions as the original drive. Smaller HD? Why? Because it's an SSD (solid state drive), which means its way faster than traditional HDs but more expensive. I don't think I'll buy a computer without one again, it's that much faster, not to mention quieter.

Anyway, I sorted all that with help from digital river, the Dell website (for the drivers that also weren't all included on the original driver's disk), the Microsoft site and so on. Even @DellCares contacted me after I was ranting about the process on twitter. Oh, and there was a writing deadline only a few days later. Of course. Made it.