Tyranny of Dragons - Drums in the Marsh

This past week, Wizards of the Coast announced the Tyranny of Dragons adventure lineup for the all-new Adventurers League. The Adventurers League is D&D's new organized play for conventions, stores, and more.

There are different types of adventures depending on venue and targeted play style/purpose. There are Epics (kickoff events at major conventions), Encounters (core storyline, in-store), and Expeditions (convention premier, then stores and other conventions). 


My part in this series is the D&D Expeditions adventure DDEX1-7 Drums in the Marsh, set to debut at Archon in St. Louis, MO in October, then open for wider distribution after that, assuming I've understood the plan.    


Here's the official listing:


DDEX1-7 Drums in the Marsh
Designer: Sterling Hershey
Characters of Level 1-4
Playtime: 4 hours
Premiere: Archon, October 3-5
Available: 10/20/2014
For the past several nights, drums have been heard on the wind, coming from the Twilight Marsh. Each morning, more turn up missing from the nearby farms, leaving only muddy, clawed footprints heading towards the marsh. Can you help the find the lost and bring justice to the abductors? A four-hour adventure for levels 1-4.

Here is the complete Tyranny of Dragons Adventurers League list

Here is the Adventurers League FAQ

As a side note as an occasional convention organizer, I'm glad to see limited release adventures for cons and stores. One of the great old-time draws for conventions back in the early RPGA days was adventures you couldn't play anywhere else. I think smaller conventions and some stores will (hopefully) see a boost in interest from the Adventurers League.