Star Wars Wednesday - Rebels Returns

Ok, so I seem to have a moment between a string of work deadlines, a writing project, and the ALDS to sneak in an update. Last week week's post was so consumed by something in that list of events, I didn't realize it til Thursday. This week, Rebels season 2 premieres...on Wednesday, actually.

There's no chance I'm actually going to see it when it airs due to the ongoing Royals-Astros American League Division Series game 5, but I'll catch up soon afterwards.  It's going to be very interesting to see where all of the new threads lead, and the Inquisitors seem to be developing a subplot of their own. New previews appeared during last week's New York Comic Con. It will be action packed, that's for certain. Here's the main new preview:

For those who want some more information that is maybe just a bit spoilery but nothing seemingly too critical, has some other notes about the new characters and ongoing direction of the series. 

Because I'm not busy enough, apparently, I'm going to participate in two November game conventions simultaneously. I'll be running games throughout Midwest GameFest and be on at least one panel Saturday afternoon. Event signup is now open to all, and they're also always looking for more games. I'll be running Star Wars Edge of the Empire/Age of Rebellion (yes, a combined game), Force and Destiny, Savage Worlds The Last Parsec, D&D Adventurers League, and Numenera. This convention more or less takes over from KC Game Fair, which has run the past several years, with many of the same people involved. 

Also that weekend, AetherCon IV is running online via roll20 and video services. It's free. I won't have time to run anything for the con, but I will be participating in a panel on Sunday afternoon called One Small Step: Giants of Space. GM Chris of Order 66/d20 Radio will be moderating, with panelists Katrina Ostlander of Fantasy Flight Games (one of the developers I worked with on Beyond the Rim) and Jason Walters of IndiePress Revolution and Hero Games. The video will be available after the con as well. 

They seem to be adding panels all the time, and the sponsor list is growing, so take a look and you'll see some familiar companies and organizations taking part this year. 

They've also already posted videos from AetherCon III and some interim ones as well. One of them features Wane Basta interviewing Sam Stewart and Max Brooke of FFG for about an hour about Star Wars

And lastly, for X-wing, FFG released colored bases and pegs so you can further customize the look of your squadron or faction. Please avoid clashing with the neon plastic maneuver templates and other third party bits that seem to have exploded into their own mini-industry.