Star Wars Wednesday - The Tickets Awaken

It's been an exciting Star Wars week. As you know. The rapid fire trailer announcement combined with the opening of advance ticket sales was yet another Star Wars smash hit. 

The official poster release was great. Star Wars posters are among my favorite items. That's even with the orange/teal combination that seems to have taken over EVERYTHING in poster design for years now. 

Monday's events landed at an awkward time - in the middle of the Royals/Blue Jays playoff game. We had ESPN recording on the DVR, which turned out to be one too many things as the baseball game went blank because my wife records...a lot. We did a little scrambling and kept the blackout minimal. The way the game was going, it was nice to see something ELSE blowing up on screen. I see today it's over 32 million views. Still amazing, and a long way from having to wait to download the Episode I trailer online at work (all of the office stopped) to see it. 

Tickets were also a major scramble, as Fandango imploded under the strain. Because we're older and tired of lines, we went after and managed to get good RESERVED seats. They're the sort where you get dinner as well in a smaller theatre, so that will be quite the event. No IMAX first time around, but that's already lined up for later. Can't avoid that line, though. With the vast collection of extras you can get from place to place, there will be plenty of opportunities for interesting repeat visits. 

I enjoyed the trailer and have loved the commentary on the sound track and other insights that have cropped up. It looks to be a fun time. Lots of details to pull out. It did feel a bit like Star Wars' Greatest Hits. Trench. Sand. Snow. Big circular threatening...I dunno...maybe a near Death Star? Very McQuarrie like, actually. No, I don't follow the rumors if I can help it. 

With Rebels up and running again, here's a reminder to remember to follow up with Rebels Recon after each episode.