Star Wars Wednesday - Bases and Cons

It took awhile - probably due to Imperial interference - but I received my copy of Age of Rebellion Strongholds of Resistance today. It looks great as always. I'll put some of it to good use at the convention this weekend...

So, for Strongholds of Resistance, I wrote Chapter II: Hidden Bases. It covers several base types across four bases. The Rebel base on Hoth is the most familiar, and has long been one of my favorites. In Empire, it's always active and gives a great feeling of being a little bit crowded and well used. I love the details.

Polis Massa is probably the most unexpected base and certainly covers the "hiding in plain sight" operations. It is also easily the most self-sufficient, making it highly adaptable by GMs for use as other facilities, if so desired. 

The old West End Games classic Tierfon Outpost returns. It was the first example of a starfighter base in the RPG - in the original Star Wars Sourcebook, no less. It's very straightforward in its mission and design.

And finally, a brand new base - Defiant Core. I designed this base around the idea that it is somewhere the PCs could discover and build from the ground up. The GM can choose to use the base in one of four stages, or start at any one and develop the base over the course of a campaign or adventure. Each stage is more developed and more powerful than the last. The base has a nice jump start - it uses a wrecked captial ship, once lost during the Clone Wars. 

Each section has adventure ideas and other useful advice for stories featuring each base. The rest of the book has more adventure ideas, equipment, species, and worlds covering far more than just bases. The FFG previews are here. Once again, it was fun to get another opportunity to design another Rebel Base, and it was a lot of fun to develop the established ones (a bit) as well. 

This weekend is Midwest GameFest. I'll be running games, and the details are here.


I'm also part of an online Aethercon panel called Giants in Space, on Sunday. Those details are here.