Star Wars Wednesday - Games and More Games

Good news for my non-baseball and/or non-Royals loving twitter followers: my feed should be a dominated by a lot less baseball for awhile. It's been a great postseason and an exhausting few days between the end of the series and yesterday's epic victory parade, for which I had a front row seat. Fortunately, there has been a sudden surge of Star Wars tabletop games news the past few days. First up is the just-announced Star Wars Force and Destiny Nexus of Power sourcebook, of which I'm one of the writers. 

The first preview for Nexus of Power is up at FFG. I can't really say much, as usual, except that for those players that like exploring the Force should find a lot of fun and interesting times on these worlds. 

FFG also posted another preview of the upcoming (as in on the boat) Force and Destiny Keeping the Peace Guardians sourcebook. This preview covers some portions I worked on, but more on that later. 

Age of Rebellion Strongholds of Resistance is shown on the FFG site as now shipping, though I haven't received my copy  and I haven't seen anyone else report it in stores just yet. I expect to see it soon, though.

FFG also announced the new Rebellion board game. It's strategy on a galactic scale, so now you can play games that fight ship-to-ship (X-Wing), fleet-to-fleet (Armada), and sytem-to-system (Rebellion). 



This week was also Halloween and there was a great article on about the original Darth Vader kid's costume, of which I once wore and still have (well, at my parent's house).










I though the mask went amazingly well with this year's "costume."
















So, with that, I'll just leave off with one final (no promises) mention of the World Series with a couple of photos of the incredible parade and rally that went right past my building yesterday. It was a great time in KC. I meant to mention last week for anyone interested that Jason Fry's Mets blog covered the games from the Mets' fan perspective in great detail. 

Just a few of the estimated 600,000 to 800,000 people on the parade route and rally...