Star Wars Wednesday - Nearly Awakened

So, this is the week everyone has been waiting for, with The Force Awakens just days away. Certainly there's been plenty of excitement building for days now. As has been mentioned by a few others, it's been interesting to see most Star Wars fans go from wanting to know something about what is coming, to not wanting to know anything (more). 

Monday night was the official premiere. I watched the live streams from, using the 4 split screen setup. It worked reasonably well, though the fashion stage feed locked up and stayed that way for about the latter third of the event. It was fun to see the range of reactions from the stars, guests, and hosts along the way. The entire thing is up on Youtube, so there is still time to watch before the movie opens.

Shortly after the feed went live, I sent what I thought was a pretty generic tweet about the online event. I was surprised when more than a few favorites and retweets started rolling along. Thanks to the twitter mobile app, I had access to more numbers than that. Within minutes the "impressions," or times viewed was in the thousands as the retweets went out. By the end of the event, it was roughly 118,000 impressions, and by late Tuesday night (well after things were over) it was over 200,000. Despite this, the number of retweets was still less than 150. Anyway, it was an interesting view into the workings of twitter at a scale I'm not used to seeing. 

With the new movie upon us, Barnes and Noble looks back at how Star Wars transitioned from movies to books and other forms of entertainment, with a significant and look at West End Games' role in the EU. It's a good article with more detail than is usually given to the subject. 

And now, a public service announcement from Joe Johnston. I've been a huge fan of Star Wars story boards and other development sketches. I only have those found in various Art of books. Unfortunately, it looks like forgers are trying to cash in on collectors: 

So watch out for fakes. 

Fantasy Flight Games announced/previewed a couple of X-wing packs: the Ghost (from Rebels) and Imperial Veterans

As for next week, I anticipate remaining basically spoiler free on the blog. 

Have a good time.