Star Wars Wednesday - Keeping the Bots

So, Keeping the Peace for Force and Destiny arrived today. I'm guessing it's in stores now, or will be very soon. 

Keeping the Peace is the Guardian career sourcebook. It has a lot of great items and information in it. There's a very recognizable ship in the vehicles section.

I wrote most of Chapter III. It has a lot of GM advice. It holds ideas for bringing a Guardian character into a game. It includes a series of encounters geared for Guardians acting as classic protectors. The campaigns section looks at creating and evolving several examples of much longer stories. Using the "Hero's Journey" is among them. 

Guardians eventually build a reputation, and over time can become a legend. The rewards section covers that. On the other hand, Guardians purposefully put themselves in harms way, and their reward could be very different if they don't survive. That said, I highly recommend that GMs (and really all players) interested in Force ghosts to check out the Force Spirits section for some relatively recent developments and clarifications.  

Last week, FFG announced Special Modifications, a Technician's Sourcebook for Edge of the Empire. I'm one of the authors. It's due to be released in early 2016.

Now, for something completely different....

Back in the '90s, there was a show on Comedy Central (and later Sci-Fi) called Mystery Science Theater 3000. It took bad old movies and added a guy with two robots that riffed on the terrible scenes. The fact that the show itself also had a bit of a handmade feel just added to the humor. Well now, in classic 2010's fashion, the original creator is running a Kickstarter to get it going again with a new cast. There's about 48 hours left. They're already going to make nine new episodes, and maybe up to 12 if things go very well.

So, they also "leaked" some audition footage of the bots - Crow T. Robot and Tom Servo - auditioning for Star Wars The Force Awakens (JUST DAYS AWAY NOW! As if you didn't know...).


There are some full episodes on MST3K's official YouTube channel (they originally did almost 200). Also, they've started selling episodes through Rifftrax, and the original cast(s) gets something more from sales at that site (as opposed to nothing....their original deals weren't the best). Now I suppose I should explain that Rifftrax is run by three of the cast who continued to riff on movies on their own. interviewed show creator Joel Hodgson about Star Wars' influence on the show.