Star Wars Wednesday - Down but Not Quite Out

So, it seems to be a week of Star Wars game announcements. It's been a pretty steady stream of new games, old games, award nominations and releases. I even have a couple of my own to throw into the mix, plus some progress on the convention adventures.

Of course, by some progress, I mean not quite as much as I'd hoped. My wife and I are down with some sort of flu at the moment, and as you would expect, it is disrupting everything. More on the adventures in a minute. 

Fantasy Flight Games releases are currently featured in a preview. Star Wars Edge of the Empire Lords of Nal Hutta is out. I'll have more on that after I receive my copy. Star Wars Age of Rebellion Desperate Allies (Diplomat sourcebook) was announced as a second-quarter release this year. I was not involved in that particular product. 

One product I did work on should be of no surprise, since the beta has been out since GenCon. FFG announced that Star Wars Force and Destiny RPG Core Rulebook is due out in the 3rd quarter of this year. As noted with the Beta, all I can say for now is that I had a hand in the GM chapter.

Through methods I don't understand, even though the Force and Destiny RPG is at least until later this year, has nominated it for Golden Geek Game of the Year 2014. I presume this is based on the Beta, but it seems strange. The Age of Rebellion core rulebook has been nominated for best artwork and presentation. BGG has a lot of games nominated in a lot of categories, so if you're interested, check it out and if you're a member of site, you can vote.

Old Star Wars video games have made another appearance. This time, a collection of 12 games have been featured on in a pack. You pay what you want for the entire pack, though if you pay above a certain threshold, you get three extra games (still 12 total). It supports Star Wars Force for Change and unicef. It's a great deal, even if you have a few (or most of them, like I do).

Last week, I mentioned that I was preparing Star Wars RPG adventures for some upcoming events. Since I don't listen to the Order66 podcast, I didn't hear that they mentioned I would be attending GamerNation Con put on by Order66 and d20radio. So, I'm going. The event runs March 6-8, 2015, though I won't be there Friday. We haven't set my schedule yet, and from the show, it sounds like they may have some ideas about participating in certain events. As such, I haven't injured my schedule into the event system yet. I'll be running games, of course, and the three I've been talking about here should be part of the show. Those going should buy their tickets immediately, as they have a limited number due to the size of the event space, and they're running low. 

As for my adventures, some progress has been made even if it isn't as much as I'd hoped. I decided to create my own customized character sheet for Force and Destiny. Actually, the front page is just the regular character sheet imported into word with text boxes, but I wanted to redo the back because I want to make better use of the space and expect to need more notes than I can typically cram into the narrow lines of the standard sheet. I typically like to try and summarize how to use talents and Force powers right on the page. I also included a character background section on a separate sheet. Anything graphics related quickly becomes a time sink for me, so I was trying not to overdo it. I have plenty of other stuff to do yet. I hope to finish off the two extra Age of Rebellion player characters in the next day or two.

I have also been brainstorming about the Edge of the Empire adventure. I'm really pushing up the PC power level on this one, to a point that most players probably haven't experienced it in their home games. This quickly becoming an adventure that may be better for experienced players than new players, but we'll see how things develop. I've been reviewing a lot of the newer material that I can pull together from several different books in order to build the adventure in the characters.

Theoretically, I'll have most of the characters ready to try out this weekend at the RPGKC gameday, but this flu will have the final say.

On to the next task...