Star Wars Force and Destiny Core Rulebook Release Announced

Today, Fantasy Flight Games announced the upcoming release of the third Star Wars RPG core rulebook, Star Wars Force and Destiny RPG. As with the other core rulebook, this is a standalone book that doesn't require either of the previous books to use. As usual, it is completely compatible with the earlier works for those who want to mix and match. 

Force users are rather obviously the central focus of the book. Perhaps not so obvious for those who haven't tried out the Beta from last year is that it isn't a Jedi sourcebook per se. Existing in the same time frame as Edge of the Empire and Age of Rebellion, Force users are mostly on their own when it comes to training and survival. 

I was one of the writers on this book. All I can say for now is that I worked on the GM chapter, as small part of it appeared in the Beta. 

The book is due to be released in the third quarter of this year.