Star Wars Wednesday - Bouncing Around

Things have slowed down a bit in the Star Wars news department, and I had work to deal with before the holiday, so last week's post just sort of...didn't happen. So, I'm back with a few items....

The most surprising thing last week was Rodney Thompson's departure from Wizards of the Coast. Rodney started off as a Star Wars d20 freelancer, then became one of the Saga Edition creators, then was hired on to basically run the Saga Edition line. He's also had a major role in D&D 5th edition and co-designed the hugely successful boardgame, Lords of Waterdeep. Rodney was great to work with on Saga, and its hard to believe how long ago that is now. Anyway, Rodney reportedly has moved to the video game side of the industry, taking a position with Bungie. A fair number of tabletop game designers and writers follow similar career paths. 

So, speaking of Saga Edition, "Alex" sent a comment in the last post letting me know that when Wizards shut down their Star Wars forums, someone started a new Saga specific form at

Also, I've definitely been too busy because I only this week got around to checking out the No Disintegrations podcast...and they started in January. They're covering aspects of all the FFG Star Wars games - rpg, boardgames, and the card games. 

I might also still be behind on the Order 66 podcast as well....not that I listen. Nor do I apparently check the website often enough, as it has had a redesign...and new content...which I knew about. Really.

Because of twitter. 

Of course, that pales in my procrastination in getting back to those of you who sent me questions via the contact page on this site. I actually did get through those over the past few days, so if you sent something in and haven't heard back, best try again.  There are also a few questions that came in as comments over the past few months that I remembered while posting this, so it looks like there are a few more to catch up on.

The Force and Destiny RPG is gearing up, with a new preview of the Beginner Game player characters over at FFG. They also have a new, helpful card for X-Wing, in the great Imperial Raider expansion pack.