Star Wars Wednesday - Up for Discussion

With the frantic pace of Star Wars news the past few weeks, it's probably about time things slowed down a bit. There is a lot up for discussion now, and probably time to revisit where game fans can join in. 

Of course, this post was inspired by the announcement that the prominent RPG discussion forum ENWorld announced a new consolidated discussion area for Star Wars RPGs of all systems, with some Star Trek and possibly other sci-fi settings thrown in as well.

ENWorld has a lot of participants, but there are plenty of other discussion areas out there:

The long-running SWRPGNetwork evidently is reviving itself after...something happened? 

d20 Radio (Order 66 podcast) forums continue to be active. 

FFG official forums are split between the various game lines and beginner games. 

A bit further afield, G+ has a couple of groups. There is a Star Wars RPG group, covering a variety of subjects. There is also a very active d6 group that lately has been covering a fan made update of the d6 Star Wars RPG. Given that the game material is still under copyright (even if it isn't supported and the company is gone), I've stayed away from it. 

For that matter, I rarely participate in forums or discussions. I used to do a bit back in the Saga Edition days over on the Wizards forums, but generally, I just don't have the time. Speaking of Wizards, they carried the d20 Star Wars forums for awhile, but they seem to have disappeared in one of the forum reboots somewhere along the way. 

Finally, FFG posted a couple of items recently (X-wing tactics and a Desperate Allies preview), and were featured in's regular FFG Games preview