Star Wars Wednesday - Star Wars Days

Monday was the increasingly popular Star Wars day, or May the Fourth Be with You. I tend to think a day later in May is more suitable, but a terrible pun is amusing and memorable, so most seem to be running with it. Sometimes, it seems like everyone is trying to get in on the action - a point made on Monday's @midnight show on Comedy Central. Lots of deals and a few really good announcements. And Celebration news and stories keep surfacing, especially now that more videos are hitting the internet. 


Probably the biggest Star Wars day news was Vanity Fair's release of new photos from Episode VII, along with a great cover and article. has a roundup here.  

"You! Tray table UP! ... for real."The aforementioned @midnight show also showed this tweet photo from Southwest airlines: 

This was on my flight to Anaheim. The flight attendant borrowed the helmet. He was already one of those southwest attendants who try to lighten the mood (ending amusing - and most other -  statements with a low spoken "for real"), and having so many bound for Celebration on board just played into it. He serenaded us with the theme from Star sung by Bill Murray, among other things.

As for Star Wars Day itself, I watched the Rebels Season 1 recap show, narrated by Kanan, on DisneyXD. Speaking of Rebels, there is a 1 hour movie event on June 20, to kick off season 2. 

I then switched over to to watch The Clone Wars unfinished animation story arc of The Bad Batch. The audio is complete, so it actually doesn't take long to sort of forget the animation isn't to the finished level the show usually features. It's a good arc, and actually rather important to certain Clone Wars characters, so I encourage fans of the show to check it out. 

The Bad Batch - Star Wars: The Clone Wars Story Reel on Disney Video

I'm not sure if it is better to watch before or after the shows, but the Celebration panel discussing this arc is now available are many of the panels from the show. I'm starting to think I need to download them to my phone via the YouTube app and treat them as podcasts to catch up. Here is the one for The Bad Batch

And here's the one for my favorite behind the scenes panel at the show - Pablo Hidalgo and Dave Filoni's Untold Clone Wars panel. Always great to get some of the storyline discussions.

And in fact, all of the Celebration videos are in a playlist, so you can start with one and just keep rolling from there.