Star Wars Wednesday - Surprising Uprisings

This was a week of surprise announcements and revelations: a new game, a lost novel, and a found script fueling a weird "debate."  

So, first the game. A new mobile Star Wars RPG called Uprising, which takes place between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens. Looks interesting so far. I'm not yet sold on the need for the Vader-esque armor of Commander Braugh, but we'll see how it pans out. My first impression is that it feels like....Dash Rendar. They wanted a certain major character but it wasn't available due to story reasons, so here's the obvious replacement. Maybe it will be fine once I play the game. Purge Trooper is an ominous name. Here's the trailer.

An unpublished '90s era Star Wars novel called Heart of the Jedi by Kenneth C. Flint has surfaced, and the author has some interesting claims as to its original place in the timeline and why it never made it on to store shelves due to some publishing drama. Club Jade has a quick breakdown, and the novel itself is being posted in pieces at 

Speaking of unexpected revelations, an original Star Wars script was found in a library. The script shows Han shot first. Now Peter Mayhew posted a part of his shooting script to show that Han shot first. Why is this a thing? Just watch the theatrical release to see what originally happened. I'm not following this, but here's an article at the Guardian anyway

In much more interesting news, prototypes of some original Kenner Star Wars toys (and some others) have gone up for auction. Certainly something for collectors to check out. There's more Kenner love over at, covering the original X-Wing toy fighter. I still remember getting that for a birthday present. 

For some current X-wing fun and games,  there's some new X-wing metagame discussion on the main FFG site.