Star Wars Wednesday - Comics and More

This is one of those days when the Star Wars world, or fandom I suppose, is all stirred up from an unexpected revelation in one of the ongoing storylines. No spoilers here, but it will be interesting for a while... Anyway, there seems to be a variety of comics related news this week.

For those that don't follow the new Marvel Comics, issue 6 is actually eventful on many fronts, but there is one surprise in particular that seems to have everyone talking and speculating. To me, it is an interesting twist with lots of narrative possibilities. It could go a lot of directions, since very little has actually been revealed, and no details at all. I'm actually more interested in the direction Luke's story is going. If you're reading the Star Wars comic line but haven't read Darth Vader #6, you should definitely do so AFTER Star Wars 6 (even if you haven't read the other Vader comics). The two lines overlap and not everything is always revealed in the other.

Ok, that's about as far as that can go without actually spoiling something. I actually drove to the comic store today to pick up my copies and avoid spoilers once my twitter started buzzing that something was up. I wanted to read it for myself without any preconceived ideas...well, not more than normal, anyway. 

Star Wars writer Jason Aaron is interviewed at about the issue, so definitly DON'T read that until after reading the comics. It does give some insight as to the process and thinking behind some of the story decisions. 

Keeping with the comics theme, of sorts...on Monday Kansas City Comic Con announced that I'll be a gaming guest, which is August 7-9, the weekend after GenCon. GenCon is early this year. There will be gaming events announced at a later date. I'll be there Friday and Saturday. Sunday is Star Wars Day at the K, the Royals game, so as a Royals fan and a Star Wars fan and contributor, I've been looking forward to it.

KCCC will also feature TSR legend Jim Ward, the aforementioned Jason Aaron, and an expanding array of media and creator guests. It will be interesting to see how big the show is, since this is its inaugural year. Tickets are on sale now. 

Speaking of gaming and GenCon, FFG is hosting official RPG events, which are listed in the event schedule...and almost certainly full, from what I hear. Still, cancellations can open a spot at any time, so it is best to keep trying if it didn't work the first time. Even then, a space might be open for generic ticket holders if someone doesn't show up at the table, which does happen.

FFG changed how they're running the events, so there aren't any specific freelancer/creator games on the schedule this year. So, unless something changes, I won't be running any of the official events this time around. However, they are using Rescue at Glare Peak as the Age of Rebellion adventure. This will be the first time I've had a Star Wars adventure running at GenCon in an official capacity since my original adventure Milk Run was the RPGA Star Wars event in 1992. Over 20 years ago. I might feel a bit old just at the moment. Anyway, it was for the original edition of the d6 game.

Moving on, FFG posted a preview of Star Wars Age of Rebellion: Desperate Allies (Diplomat sourcebook). This isn't one of mine, just FYI. 

One final comic note that is otherwise off topic for Wednesday, Pinnacle and Oni Press have joined together to create The Sixth Gun RPG, using Savage Worlds rules. The Sixth Gun is a weird west comic series about six weapons that can remake the world, and those who fight for and against using them for that purpose. The kickstarter has already funded but of course there are many stretch goals to come. Check it out if you're so inclined, like Deadlands (which is weird west but not the same universe), or other supernatural/fantasy tales. Savage Worlds is the same rules system used for The Last Parsec setting I was involved in.