Star Wars Wednesday - Maps of Mastery Stats

Quite awhile several years ago....I posted some Star Wars RPG ship and vehicle stats for some of Christopher West's Maps of Mastery sci-fi maps. First in Star Wars RPG d20 Saga Edition stats, then a few in Saga and West End Games d6 when the RPG license was between companies. They are still on the site, and have remained reasonably popular. I've been wanting to do an update for the Star Wars Edge of the Empire / Age of Rebellion / Force and Destiny RPGs for the longest time, and never could seem to find the time.

Well, now I have. 

For those who may not know, Christopher West is an RPG/minis map maker who did most of the battle maps for Wizards of the Coast's Star Wars Miniatures games. After that game ceased production, Chris continued to create his own maps that remained compatible with the game, as well as venturing into fantasy maps as well (some work for both). He also creates maps for the Numenera RPG and Gaming Paper products. Chris often runs kickstarters to fund printing the maps, though they usually end up for sale on his web store or at GenCon. I believe he may be in other online and local game stores as well. 

I've put together stats for very nearly every vehicle or ship that appears on of Chris' sci-fi maps. There are a few caveats. I haven't playtested them. I'm the only one who has looked them over so far, so there might be a few typos or formatting issues. All Encumbrance Capacity ratings are subject to great interpretation, so feel free to adjust those (or anything else, really) as needed for your game. The various names I've given the vehicles either appear on the maps themselves, or are my own ideas. I didn't include any pictures with the stats, but with the poster numbers listed for each ship/vehicle, it should be possible to identify them quickly. 

Aside from saying for way too many GenCons that I was really going to do this, I haven't spoken to Chris about any of these in detail. So...surprise! He may come back to me to clarify some things when he gets a chance to look them over and if so, I'll update the file. He did have input on some earlier maps (particularly the Nova Eclipse), and those comments remain in those posts

The file has 32 stats covering ships and vehicles from 13 poster maps (double sided, so 26 total) and four terrain card sets. There is a complete legend in the file. They are Chris' original vehicle designs. They include things like ATVs, speeders, starfighters, transports, and space stations. A fair number of the vehicles and ships appear on more than one map. I've provided variations where appropriate. 

You can download the pdf file here.