DMs Guild

Wizards of the Coast announced the new Dungeon Masters Guild today. It's an online store selling D&D 5e PDF works. Here are a few of basic highlights: 

  • It is selling earlier Adventurers League adventures. 
  • People may create new D&D content referencing official books, though it must be for Forgotten Realms or setting agnostic.
  • Wizards splits the sales with the author for both the author's new works and Adventurers league adventures.
  • The system runs through OneBookShelf / DriveThru RPG / DND Classics / RPG Now, so people with one of the various DriveThru sites already have an account they can use.  

The new open gaming license SDK is also now available, and there are differences between publishing thru the GMs Guild and on your own using the license. 

My Adventurers League Expeditions Tyranny of Dragons adventure DDEX1-07 Drums in the Marsh is available right now for purchase and download. 

I've also updated my Store page for my other titles available on DriveThruRPG.

I have additional content I hope to post soon (the site went live a bit earlier than I expected).