Star Wars Wednesday - Spirited Games

It's a game centric week again. New games, new sources for games, and podcasts of and about games. 

First up, Fantasy Flight Games announced Star Wars Force and Destiny Savage Spirits, a Sourcebook for Seekers. I'm one of the writers, and as usual, that's all I can say for now.  

There's a new X-Wing ship announcement - the Mist Hunter expansion pack.

Speaking of X-Wing, Nathan P. Butler wrote a scenario around John Jackson Miller's A New Dawn, evidently at RPG freelancer Keith Kappel's suggestion. Nathan is the author and keeper of the Star Wars Timeline Gold, which is an amazing 2,900 pages long. It's a highly detailed document covering the vast array of Star Wars stories over the decades. 

Toche Station started Of Dice and Droids, a new live-play podcast of the FFG Star Wars RPGs. It features the hosts of Toche Station Radio, a writer from Eleven-ThirtyEight, and Tom from Del Rey (Star Wars Books) as the GM.

I'll be on the Order 66 podcast this Sunday at 8pm central discussing (unofficial) ideas for playing the RPG in The Force Awakens era. It runs live and is available for download later. 

In other news, Wizards of the Cost revealed the brand new Dugeon Masters Guild, which provides a new opportunity to buy, sell, and create D&D products. My Adventurers League adventure is already available. There are more details in this post. This also prompted me to finally update the Store page here on the site with links to my adventures and other products available for sale through DriveThruRPG, the Dungeon Masters Guild, and game company sites.