Star Wars Wednesday - Podcasts & Rebels

As it happens, a couple of podcasts I was on became available this week. One was the aforementioned appearance on the Order 66 Podcast, and the second is from Aethercon late last year. Tonight is also the restart of the Rebels season, and they appear to be jumping right back into the action. 

I was on the Order 66 podcast last week discussing playing in the Force Awakens time frame in the RPG. All unofficial, of course, since nothing has been released or announced. I joined GM Chris, GM Phil, GM Dave, and cartographer Christopher West for a fairly lengthy and detailed discussion about a lot of different aspects and challenges to running a game in that era.

SPOILER WARNING. We discuss the Force Awakens in detail, and while that might be obvious, the spoiler warning is also there because we touch on a lot of new canon material as well. I don't think we gave too much away, but fair warning. The number one comment is probably this: If you're going to play in this era, you would be well advised to pick up The Force Awakens Visual Dictionary. It covers a very wide range of topics from small details to hints and comments about the state of aspects of the galaxy. You can listen and download the entire podcast here. 

Back in November 2015, I took part in a panel called One Small Step:Giants in Space at the online convention Aethercon with Katrina Ostrander of Fantasy Flight Games (and one of the lead producers on my Edge of the Empire adventure Beyond the Rim) and Garrett Crowe of the Threat Detected Podcast. I've no idea why they listed me as West End Games on the video title, I've always been a freelancer. We cover a number of RPG related topics regarding sci-fi. 



Tonight marks the return of Rebels for the second half of season 2. Judging by the trailer, things are moving very quickly. Warning, it might be considered to have a few spoilers, but then again, it is a trailer.