Star Wars Wednesday - Number One

Yesterday, I got out to see The Force Awakens again, so I - and everyone who saw it - contributed to today's announcement that it is now number one for the domestic box office. Amazing. 

Beyond that, this is another one of those wide ranging posts...

Author Jason Fry offered up a tour of his office and boundless Star Wars library. 

I've made steady progress in digging out my own office, which will be instantly undone by the next project or attempt to organize some other part of my office. That's my way of saying that most of the time, any tour of my office would feature a pile of books and games obstructing my path to my shelves of other books and games. Some days - OK most days - it operates more like a sliding puzzle. I mean, I have things that need to be organized sitting on or near the containers they are to ultimately be organized into. At least I found some time to mount the wall shelves that have been sitting in pieces on some other shelves for months. OK half of the shelves...

Star Wars Force and Destiny made Game Informer's list of Best Tabletop Games of 2015 (along with a few other FFG board game and RPG titles). 

The Order 66 podcast featured some of the authors and producer of Star Wars Age of Rebellion Strongholds of Resistance. I wasn't on the show...and in fact haven't had time to listen yet...but here it is

Novelist Max Gladstone posted a very detailed breakdown (and spoiler filled) look at The Force Awakens as it might take place using West End Games' d6 Star Wars RPG. posted an X-Wing vs TIE Fighter (computer game) soundboard.

And finally, this isn't directly Star Wars related, but RPG GMs and players may find it useful. The New York Public Library posted a collection of 180,000 high resolution items for public use. Some could be useful for a variety of RPGs - maps, pictures, story ideas, etc.