Star Wars Wednesday - Catching Up

I think the past few weeks set some sort of record for me for busyness between work deadlines, freelance deadlines, conventions, and everything else. Things have eased up a little bit. I was catching up on various Star Wars novels and other releases, much like catching up here. I still have a decent stack for the holidays, and that doesn't include whatever's piled up at the comic book store. At least binge reading the comics makes a certain degree of sense, as I continue to get the single issues for the time being. I really ought to switch to trades for a few of the lines. So, continuing with the catching up theme...

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I'd Just as Soon Kiss a Mookiee Podcast Appearance

Last week Jason Fry and Shannon Shark invited me on their Mets and Star Wars podcast called I'd Just as Soon Kiss a Mookiee, just before the Royals-Mets opening day. We talk baseball, stadiums, Royals, Mets, the Star Wars RPGs, Rebels and more. It was a lot of fun. Jason is a Star Wars writer (Atlas, The Weapon of a Jedi, and many more) and blogs about the Mets at FaithandFearInFlusing.com. Shannon Shark blogs about the Mets at MetsPolice.com.

Since recording the podcast, the Royals defeated the Mets in opener. Jason's blog recap entry is here.



Star Wars Wednesday - Game On

OK, so I'm writing this during Game 2 of the World Series, so it will be brief. How so? I started to do this after the 1st inning. It's now the start of the fifth and here we are still at the intro. After Jason Fry's visit a few weeks ago, it has turned out that its the Royals vs Mets, so both of our twitter feeds have more than a little baseball right now. The Royals won last night in an epic 14 inning game. The Mets are up at the moment by one run. Beyond these games, it has been a week for Star Wars gaming as well. 
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Star Wars Wednesday - A (not so) Random Email

Last week, Star Wars: The Weapon of a Jedi author Jason Fry dropped by KC to take in a Royals baseball game. Jason is an avid Mets fan, and blogs about the team. The Mets weren't in KC (but they will be Opening Day next year....because baseball). It turns out, Jason is on a quest to visit every Major League Baseball park and found an opportunity to knock a couple off of his list. He dropped me a message the week before, or as he later called it, a random email. 
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