Star Wars Wednesday - Death Star Approaching

Tomorrow is the Rogue One premiere, like you didn't know. I'm very much looking forward to seeing it. I read the novel Catalyst a few weeks ago. I caught the red carpet premiere show on I'm way more interested in seeing the Death Star on screen again than I expected. 

Somehow I missed there is an official Rogue One website, even though I check in on regularly. It's actually not that surprising, since I tend to avoid spoilers when possible. I'm very interested in seeing whatever Rebels connections emerge (in the movie and/or afterwards). From an RPG perspective, it should serve as another good example of a small team making a big impact - perfect for RPG adventures. 

Speaking of, the Age of Rebellion Friends Like These adventure is now available.

If you come out of the movie ready to play some new Death Star inspired adventures, seek out the old WEG Death Star Technical Companion (do not pay thousands of dollars for it), Incredible Cross Sections, the Star Wars Blueprints, and/or the Haynes owners manual. 

For anyone who missed the premiere red carpet show, it's still available:

The Star Wars Show followed up with a behind the scenes episode today. Note, minor spoilers for the last section of the video where they talk with the actors about their actual specific weapon props.