Star Wars Wednesday - Catching Up

I think the past few weeks set some sort of record for me for busyness between work deadlines, freelance deadlines, conventions, and everything else. Things have eased up a little bit. I was catching up on various Star Wars novels and other releases, much like catching up here. I still have a decent stack for the holidays, and that doesn't include whatever's piled up at the comic book store. At least binge reading the comics makes a certain degree of sense, as I continue to get the single issues for the time being. I really ought to switch to trades for a few of the lines. So, continuing with the catching up theme...

There has, of course, been a load of new releases, announcements, and so forth.

  • From Fantasy Flight Games: The Rogue One U-wing for X-Wing. I like the design, but I'm not sure I'll ever quite shake the feeling that it looks like stretched out, hot rod version of the Buck Rogers starfighter
  • The long awaited bounty hunter book for Edge of the Empire is coming soon. Here's a new preview of the appropriately named No Disintegrations. (I wasn't involved in this one.)
  • Jason Fry posted behind the scenes discussion points about his Star Wars Rebels Servants of the Empire series.
  • David Collins' Star Wars Oxygen podcast recently featured Frozen composer Robert Lopez for a great discussion. As a side note for RPG fans, Robert briefly mentioned that South Park's Trey Parker is a Star Wars tabletop RPG player. For those not familiar with Oxygen, David breaks down John William's Star Wars music, and it has a load of behind-the-scenes information, as well as general soundtrack knowledge. A particularly good episode is his Star Wars Celebration Europe restoration of deleted music from The Empire Strikes Back
  •  I really can't say enough about the incredible information in each episode of Oxygen. I've always been a big fan of the music, to the point that my very first post back in the blogs days was called Main Title. I seriously thought about using it for the blog title, but was talked out of it. I went with Delusions of Grandeur instead. 
  • Rogue One tickets acquired. Reserved seating is great. 
  • Rogue One Catalyst also acquired, and read. 
  • is 20 years old. Wow.