Star Wars Wednesday - Rogue One Rolls Out

Last week was new trailer week, with Rogue One's teaser trailer making a smash debut across seemingly all media outlets. One aspect I hadn't thought much about was the music, which features a composer other than John Williams. It will be interesting to see where that leads, and the how that influences Star Wars movie storytelling. I enjoyed the trailer, especially the appearance of the Death Star.

Today brings news that C-3P0's red arm origins are to appear in a new one-shot comic featuring the droid leading up to Episode VIII.

If you're into model making, or just like recreations of cool scenes, here is a great diorama of the Millennium Falcon on Jakku. Be sure to check out the links for a fascinating Death Star hangar version. It gives a great representation of the location of the vantage points overlooking the hangar bay.