Star Wars Wednesday - Reading and Listening

One thing about missing weeks on the blog, there's now so much new Star Wars being released, it's easy to get behind. Not that I try and talk about everything that is released, obviously, but often like to hit the highlights. With the new season of Rebels up and running, new books and new comics recently announced, I look at the growing stack of books on the shelf and think I've got to find some time somewhere to fit some more reading in.

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Star Wars Wednesday - Rogue One Rolls Out

Last week was new trailer week, with Rogue One's teaser trailer making a smash debut across seemingly all media outlets. One aspect I hadn't thought much about was the music, which features a composer other than John Williams. It will be interesting to see where that leads, and the how that influences Star Wars movie storytelling. I enjoyed the trailer, especially the appearance of the Death Star.

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Star Wars Wednesday - Sizing Things Up

With the never ending run of new Star Wars films, TV shows, books, games, and comics, it's always been easy to fall behind. Add in work, freelance, or whatever else is going on, and the stack of reading material can really, um, stack up. I managed to make some significant headway the last few months. In a probably futile effort to dig out my office, I've added some new shelves for the ever-expanding collection of games and books. That's prompted me to look more closely at a few items that have been under a few layers of more stuff, before putting them on the shelf for the time being.

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