Star Wars Wednesday - Freemaker Origins Spirits

Time to catch up - again.

First, Star Wars Force and Destiny was honored with the Origins Award for best RPG. FFG did well with the much-reduced slate of awards this year. Star Wars Armada took the award for Best Miniatures Game, and Imperial Assault took Best Board Game. This is the first product I've been involved with to win an Origins Award, though not the first nomination. The Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide for Saga Edition was nominated for Best RPG supplement in 2009. Force and Destiny has been nominated for a range of awards over the past couple of years.

Second, Star Wars Force and Destiny Savage Spirits is now available. I wrote in Chapter III: Deadly Quests. As with several of the career books, I developed the sections of integrating Seekers into the party, the adventure ideas section, and the Seeker specific rewards. Seekers tend to be self motivated, natural explorers, so a lot of the adventure ideas present ways to use the Seeker as a guide for the party in various quests or moments. Building on the ideas of exploration, other sections of the chapter (and book) includes rules for wilderness survival and beast riding. One of the possible adventures covers a Seeker acquiring an animal companion. Seekers may make physical journeys or spiritual development, or more often, both. This book should work well with any exploration based campaigns or adventures.

Third, Lego Star Wars The Freemaker Adventures debuted last night. It's light and fun and basically everything I'd expect from a Lego Star Wars story. Anyone familiar with previous Lego Star Wars shows or the Lego Movie will find much that is familiar here. There's some good past EU references, thanks in part to Leland Chee's involvement in the show's development. Leland has been covering some of this on his twitter account @holocronkeeper, and he made an appearance on's The Great Big Beautiful Podcast.  The Freemaker Adventures also features The Wheel as a home base, which I find entertaining, at least. It's such a versatile location. It also never seems to look quite the same between published appearances. I'm thoroughly entertained by the "last of the battledroids" and Matt Wood must be having a lot of fun with the performance.   

Here's the trailer: