Star Wars Wednesday - Not on the Boat

Good news! There was an important update in Star Wars Force and Destiny Ghosts of Dathomir's status over on the Fantasy Flight Games site. Spoiler: its not on the boat any more! 

GoDath-Not on boat.jpg

In the first update since about March, Ghosts is listed as Shipping Now, due to release on 10/12/17, or just over a week from now. I'm very excited. Great setting, lots of potential for unusual things to happen...more on that later.

In the meantime, check out FFG's new preview for Star Wars Age of Rebellion Cyphers and Masks. Not one of my sections. 

Or check out the Death Star stats (there are some) in the Star Wars Dawn of Rebellion preview. Also not one of my sections. 

Or catch up on some of the social encounter possibilities in the new Genesys RPG preview. Or the previous one about character creation. None of my sections, either.