Star Wars Wednesday - Star Wars Day at the K 2017

So, a couple of weeks ago was the 2017 edition of Star Wars Day at the K. For the third year in a row, the KC Royals held their Star Wars themed day, and I went once again. 

I had to specially modify my jersey for the day, and people seemed to get a kick out of it (except for a Royals staffer who just wanted to make sure I knew there was "blue paper" on my back). 


As with past years, they had costumed characters around the park, from the 501st and Rebel Legion. There were Star Wars graphics on the scoreboard and various other video boards. They skipped the custom player intros from previous years, though. They were also out there for the ceremonial first pitch. Someone showed up as a Royals Rebel Pilot. 

DSC_0684 small-ws.jpg

This year's bobble head is the TIE fighter pilot in the form of Royals backup catcher Drew Butera. He caught the first pitch as well. He wasn't slated to start, but the game went VERY well. It was a blowout, with the Royals scoring 6 runs in the 2nd inning, and won an important game 11-3 over the Minnesota Twins. So, both sides pulled the starters late in the game and Drew ended up playing after all. Paulo Orlando - the one on my modified jersey - also made it into the game. He was hurt earlier in the year and only recently came back. 

They did a decent job capturing Butera's trademark hair in form if not color. 

They did a decent job capturing Butera's trademark hair in form if not color. 

You don't really get to choose your seat when purchasing the theme pack, so I ended up....well, I was still in the stadium anyway. Next to last row, upper deck. The cheaper theme tickets were upper sections of the upper deck, while the pricier ones were lower deck outfield. You were guaranteed the bobblehead with the purchase of the ticket. And I was in the shade, which was a big bonus since it decided to return to hot summertime temperatures that day.


It was a fun time.

Also, in one of those random discoveries, a recent episode of The Star Wars Show dug up the old Kenner Remote Control Sandcrawler. It was definitly one of those toys that I remember seeing and there was almost no chance I would be getting. So cool, though.