Star Wars Wednesday - Things to Watch During the Last Wait...

There's only one thing to talk about this week, and it's The Last Jedi....which of course won't release until Thursday evening. I'm still avoiding spoilers reasonably successfully, so here are a couple of other recent Star Wars things to watch while you're with the cast of Rebels.

Sam Witwer announced this some time back, but I totally forgot about it until the reminder popped up on my phone when it was due to start, or, I would have posted it here. So, Sam hosted a Star Wars Edge of the Empire RPG Beginner Game session for almost the entire cast of Rebels. It's the first time several of them have played an RPG and the first time in many years for a couple of them.

Sam gives a rundown of the game basics at the start of the session. For me, it is interesting to see how others do this sort of introduction. Of course, I do this before almost every convention game, so I tend to fall into the same pattern each time. It's good to see what others think is important to emphasize or introduce before the game rather than during the game.

This is the first of an unknown number of sessions. Hopefully I'll be more on top of the schedule in the future.

Next up is a brand new really cool concept trailer for The Star Wars that a film/fx school created based on early Ralph McQuarrie concept art. Dark Horse Comics did an adaptation of the original screenplay several years ago, but this isn't related to the comics.

So, that's it. Still looking for a bit more? Check out the new Ready Player One trailer....