Star Wars Wednesday - Various Updates

So, with a week to go before The Last Jedi release, I'm still largely in spoiler avoidance mode. I've done a pretty decent job avoiding the rumor mill. The only Journey to the Last Jedi books I've read it are a couple of out of order issues of the Captain Phasma comic. Out of order because there's been a couple of hiccups in my recent comic book store deliveries. 

With the Genesys RPG release last week, I decided to make a few minor updates around the website. Though there has been no official word from Fantasy Flight Games, I went ahead and updated the release years for Age of Rebellion Cyphers and Masks, Age of Rebellion Fully Operational, and Star Wars Dawn of Rebellion to 2018. FFG still lists them as at the printer, there is seemingly no way that they will arrive before the end of the year. The boat just doesn't move that fast.

While looking for updates, I noticed that Edge of the Empire Beyond the Rim is in the process of reprinting. It's good to know that after four years, my first stand alone adventure for FFG is still in great enough demand to warrant another run. In fact, quite a few Edge books are in the reprint que, including several that I worked on.

I also added Best Seller badges for my Dungeon Master's Guild offerings that have achieved various recognized levels of sales. I haven't added any new DM's Guild material this year, but I have something in the works and hope to do so before the end of the month. As a reminder, you can find links to my PDF offerings from DMs Guild, DriveThru RPG, Pinnacle, and Fantasy Grounds at my storefront page. If you buy using these links, I receive a small affiliate fee on most of them (at no extra cost to you).

For Imperial Assault fans, FFG released the companion app Legends of the Alliance that replaces the Imperial player and adds another play mode.