Star Wars Wednesday - GenCon 50 Event Reg Open

This week, the GenCon 50 event registration opened up. The 30th anniversary Star Wars RPG panel is proving to be very popular, which is great. It's currently sold out but that's not the end of the line. 

So, if you were trying to get a ticket to the 30th anniversary panel but weren't able to do so, don't give up completely. Here are a few tips: 

  • People constantly change their schedules from now until the con starts, so sometimes space will open up when someone cancels their ticket for whatever reason. Try resubmitting your wish list periodically (or even daily, as I know some people do), and you may pick up one of those openings.
  • Not everyone who gets a ticket shows up. Typically, they will let those with tickets in first, then anyone else who is interested. So, show up to the room and there may be space available. 
  • I'm pretty sure the room Gen Con assigned to us holds more than the number of tickets available, so there may more seats. There is also a chance Gen Con could expand the total number of tickets if that is possible. No word on that, however. 
  • I've seen people standing at the back or along the walls in previous events in this room. No promises that it will be allowed. 
  • No generic tickets are needed for this free event. 

The first two points also apply to pretty much any Gen Con event, so if you weren't able to get into one of the FFG Star Wars RPG sessions, keep trying. I know  from past years that there were a fair number of no-shows, so drop by the room and see what is available. 

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