Star Wars Wednesday - Order 66 100th Episode...Again

Last week, the Order 66 podcast celebrated it's 100th episode again. I say again because it's their 100th FFG Star Wars RPG podcast, and they previously well exceeded 100 episodes with d20 Saga Edition. It's really amazing how long the podcast has lived on, when so many fade away over time. I've been a listener since the first original episode. 

During their celebration episode, GM Chris, GM Dave, and GM Phil took listener calls and questions about the show rather than the game. I hadn't planned on being on, and in fact missed the fact that they weren't having developers on which I believe was the case with the original 100th episode as well. GM Chris invited me on anyway, so we talked about the show and various experiences with it. 

You can listen to / download the episode here. 

I've had a good time with the show over the years.  I've had a lot of people turn up at conventions and tell me they've heard me on Order 66. I met Sam Witwer via episode 50 of the original show. I've been a guest 16 times, including as a guest/co-host once. GM Phil was (primarily) responsible for arranging my induction as an honorary member of the the 501st and the Rebel Legion. 

Order 66 has been a great resource for people getting into the game. For me, it's also helpful to hear how people use the material in their games. It provides a window into their experiences and approaches. Analysis and comparison of various aspects of the game mechanics reach levels that I don't often delve into, so it's always helpful to hear what gems or issues turn up. The listener segments are usually entertaining and often informative. 

So, if you haven't checked it out, I highly recommend it. 

......I mean, I never listen to the Order 66 podcast. 

(Also, Fantasy Flight Games posted the next preview for Age of Rebellion Fully Operational.)