Star Wars Wednesday - Force Friday II

Force Friday already? It certainly seemed to sneak up on me, since I just realized it is the day after tomorrow. 


There is a list of stores and associated companies on Fantasy Flight Games is one of them. Last Force Friday, there was a surprise Force Awakens X-Wing Miniatures box set, so you never know what might show up. 

Images of The Last Jedi are trickling out with the build up to the new movie. I'm trying to take Mark Hamill's advice and avoid most of the promo material because it feels a bit too spoilery at moments. Still, a new walker and star destroyer have made an appearance right on, so sometimes, you just can't avoid it. 

Now that Gen Con is over, I'm catching up on a few things, like finally watching all of the episodes of Forces of Destiny.  There's also a stack of comics buried on my desk. And more books beyond that...