Star Wars Wednesday - Rebels and a Rogue

New book release soon! Planet Comicon one day only! OMG Rebels! (no spoilers).


It's late and a lot happened this week. First up, Dawn of Rebellion for Star Wars Edge/Age/F&D RPGs officially releases more on that next week. Still, just in time for wrapping up the Rebels TV series and this week was certainly one of those OMG but (in my mind) expected moments. It will be interesting to see where it goes next.

Last weekend was Planet Comicon in KC. I didn't run any games this year, and only went on Sunday. My wife is a huge Alan Tudyk fan, so we went to his highly amusing panel. He's a great entertainer, has good stories, and gives out items to those who ask questions. Mostly random items that mostly aren't that great in and of themselves, or intended to be, but they make for a good story, and have his autograph. A few were quite good, like the person who got a Dirk Gently crew gift towel for asking a Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency series question. There were also a couple of room keys given out....for rooms he was no longer staying in.

At the end, someone asked a K2-S0 question, so Alan jumped up on the arm of a chair to demonstrate his point of view during filming...

Actual towering Alan at left, better video view at right.

Actual towering Alan at left, better video view at right.