Star Wars Wednesday - Sold on Solo

Since I keep watching the Solo trailer released this week, I'd say it has my attention...

I'm certainly looking forward to the new Solo movie. A few things that caught my eye so far:

  • The "car chase" seems to recall to the hot rod days, and with Harrison Ford's original appearance in American Graffiti, I wonder if there will be some kind of connection or further reference.
  • The trailer music has a definite style of its own, and a memorable hook that seems to fit in.
  • I was not expecting that much of a redo of the Falcon, since it was visible in one of the prequels. Love the interior looks, still not sure about the filled in mandibles. If you haven't seen it, there are more views of it along with a bit of behind the scenes info in this week's version of The Star Wars Show (see below).
  • Looks like we finally get some better looks at the Falcon's controls in use.

Interested to see the news that the Game of Thrones TV show creators are heading up yet more Star Wars movies. I'm also wondering about what the news of multiple TV shows means.