Star Wars Wednesday - Kantcon & 30th Anniversary Set Approaching

These two subjects aren't related, other than they both occur this week...

At last, the 30th Anniversary edition of the original West End Games Star Wars The Roleplaying Game is out from FFG. I haven't been able to pick up my copy yet, as some game store  deliveries were delayed by the holiday last week. Hopefully soon, though.

Kantcon is this weekend in Overland Park, KS. I'll be running a couple of Star Wars FFG games on Saturday and Sunday, as well as a seminar on creating sourcebooks and adventures for RPGs on Saturday. 

Gen Con is coming soon. I'll be running games for Fantasy Flight again this year. Even though they usually fill up during pre-reg, don't let that stop you. Drop by the room with generic tickets because there are often openings at tables where someone doesn't show up. You might still get in, especially if you're flexible about which game you're willing to play. Beyond Star Wars, there are usually other FFG RPGs going on in the same room.