Star Wars Wednesday - Edge of Solo

Kantcon is coming up in July, and I'll be running a new Star Wars RPG adventure, and a panel/workshop. The adventure is definitely going to be Solo deep dive of sorts....Kessel Breakout. The panel/workshop will build on some of the items I discussed at my GamerNation Con panel earlier this year, but more organized and focused more on process.

Kessel Breakout picks up right in the middle of Solo's Kessel heist, so it should be fast paced with a range of possible ways the PCs can respond to their abrupt, unexpected freedom. Yes, of course they start as imprisoned miners, they have to break out, after all. It should be quite a collection of characters. The Kantcon description says it's a Force & Destiny adventure, but I think that's just because the con scheduling system Warhorn probably couldn't list it as a combined Edge/Age/F&D. Mostly Edge, some Age, and just a bit from F&D, if things develop the way I expect.

I'll be making extensive use of Solo The Official Guide for adventure creation. Really, this functions as a sourcebook for all intents and purposes. It fills out a lot of the little details helpful in expanding what is on screen. There are no stats, of course, but those are easily created or swiped and reworked a bit from one of the RPG books. There are a lot of character names, new droids, and bits of equipment I'll easily be able to work into the scenes.

Kantcon prereg ends July1. Kessel Breakout is Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning.

The panel is on Saturday, called Creating RPG Sourcebooks and Adventures. I'll be talking about the process behind developing source material and adventures. I'll still be using some of my own work as examples.

In other news, this new preview indicates the 30th Anniversary Edition of WEG's original Star Wars The Roleplaying Game is getting closer to release.